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10 Hapfairy Facts

Because I am bored and need to write something, I've decided to write some facts about myself that not everyone will know. :-)

1. My biggest ambition is to be a writer. I want to write Fantasy novels, and I hope to one day become the next Neil Gaiman! However, I have a secret dream to be a singer... but I am too shy to sing in front of anyone, and I don't think I'm very good! I would love to sing like Simone Simons, or Tarja, or Anette Olzon - and I love Amanda Palmer's cabaret style too. At one point I quite wanted to start a symphonic metal/cabaret band inspired by Neil Gaiman called Harlequin Valentine! (Actually, that's still quite an awesome idea. Maybe I should learn to sing...)

2. I like to meet famous people, although I often get scared and find it hard to talk to them. So far I have met Anthony Head (from Buffy), Within Temptation, Danny Wallace, Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, John Lloyd (the guy who invented Blackadder/QI), Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. :D Most of these it was pretty briefly, although my friend hit Tony Head with a broomstick, Sharon Den Adel hugged me, and Danny Wallace and Alan Davies talked to me lots! :) Oh and Ollie, if you count him :P

3. I seem to be collecting illnesses. I have Crohn's Disease and Polycystic Kidney Disease (the latter is genetic, unfortunately). I have to take drugs to suppress my immune system so I get viruses all the time. :(

4. I love coloured hair. I was really into blue hair for a while but I'm in a bit of a red phase at the moment! I'd love to have hair like Emilie Autumn... I find the only problems are having to redo it all the time and my urge to only wear clothes that don't clash with my hair!

5. I don't believe in gods or religion, but I love science and the natural world. I think evolution and every circumstance that has led to life is amazing so I feel quite offended by the thought of it being done at the flick of a switch...

6. I have always wanted a Daily Deviation on Deviant Art, but unfortunately I'm not sure my photography skills are quite up to it. I wish they were, I'd love to be a photographer. I did get an A in it at A Level though, so perhaps I'm not as bad at it as I sometimes think!

7. I can't sleep unless I imagine things in my head. If I think about real things, I generally worry too much and stay awake. I have no idea if anyone else does this but I've done it for as long as I can remember. Maybe that's why I'm a writer?

8. I love making people happy. If I had an unlimited supply of money I would go around buying people random presents to cheer them up. I love remembering strange details about a person and surprising them with something they really like. I also love surprises myself, so I don't like to know what I'm getting for my birthday... :)

9. I am usually very outgoing in person, but I have only just about got over my fear of talking to shop assistants/secretaries etc... I'm not sure why I'm scared of professional people but not at all scared of people I meet at university or in a club, for example... I'm also terrified of phoning people. I always contact people by text or online message/Skype if not face to face, so I get upset when people think I dislike them because I don't call. I'm just really scared of phones! Unless it's important. :P

10. I love my Ed... I wish he could live down here with me again. We've had a long distance relationship for about 2 and half years now, with 6 months of living together in the middle! It's hard and I feel very lonely during the week. But then again, Amanda and Neil have to spend months at a time apart, so maybe I should be more grateful... But still, the thought of never being able to live with Ed (or having to move far away) is very scary for me :(


Mmm I do that sleep thing too. I do it a lot to mucis when I'm out and about. Probably why I never notice anyone. ^^
Also, phones! So scary! Gaaaah. ^^


Cannot ever get to sleep without thinking fantasy. Don't believe it's possible.


Hooray! I'm not a weirdo!

Well, I am, but y'know... at least I'm among friends :P x


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