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Within Temptation's New Single + Mini Movie

Within Temptation have just released this short film introducing the characters from their new comic. The comic will accompany their concept album, The Unforgiving, which will be released in March. The movie also features the music video for lead single 'Faster'.

Personally, I really enjoyed this short movie. I found it to be both intriguing and original. The shortened version used in the standalone video for 'Faster' seemed quite bland, but watching this makes it clear that Within Temptation have not become just another rock band. The concept is interesting - it seems that the old women in the video ('Mother Maiden') is in control of a group of supernaturals that exact revenge on evildoers. Sounds like ideal comic book material to me.

Like many fans, I wondered what had happened to Sharon's gothic style - Sharon not wearing a corset? Gasp! However, I realised that as she is currently pregnant with her third child (with guitarist Robert Westerholt), she's probably going to be wearing more comfortable clothes. Makes sense.

As for the song, I think it is quite mainstream for the band, and noticeably lacks the symphonic elements. I'm not going to panic yet though, because WT (and other bands) often release a lead single that is less heavy than the rest of the stuff on the album (think 'What Have You Done?' from the band's Heart of Everything album, or Epica's 'Never Enough' from The Divine Conspiracy).

If you want a taste of something heavier, check this short clip of the song 'In The Middle of the Night'.

As always, here's the preorder links (UK & USA).


ARTISTdirect is proud to premiere the new music video "Faster" from Within Temptation! It's the first single from the band's album, "Unforgiving", which is due out March 29th. http://bit.ly/hlKQ4P


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