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Chalice of Femme Metal Free Compilation

Guess what? The lovely folks over at Chalice of Femme Metal have got you a present!

Chalice of Femme Metal Volume 1: Chalice of Obsidian is the first free compilation from the site. It features some great symphonic bands as well as female-fronted metal from other genres. Take a look at the tracklist:

1. Salvation by Apparition
2. Forgotten Hero by Akoma
3. Tristan by Pythia
4. Shadows On The Tide by Tainted Grace
5. Andromeda by Omega Lithium
6. To I Your Conscience by Mask Of Judas
7. My Endarkend Self by Fateless Tears
8. Kerosene by Rhode Island Red
9. Hellequin by Therion
10. World Of Glass (live in Stuttgart 2005) by Tristania*

*Bonus track

To download this extra sexy compilation for free (yes, FREE!) click here:

And if you're a fan of lady metal, make sure you check out the forums.


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