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The Unforgiving

You can now listen to the whole album on Play.com (UK & Ireland only)! Click here.

I have had a listen, and my first thoughts are that it's a bit of a strange mix - elements of awesome symphonic metal, but some bits that sound like 80s pop rock... I think it's going to a while to get used to! Sharon's voice sounds beautiful as always, but she uses the lower end of her range for a lot more of the songs than usual.

Have you pre-ordered a CD yet? :-) In the UK, there are a few options:

(all links are for the special edition with bonus DVD)
Amazon £8.93 Free Delivery
Play £8.99 Free Delivery
EMP (with scarf) £14.99

Personally I pre-ordered from HMV as they were doing signed copies, but I think this promotion has ended. :( Look out for a review from me... (When all my uni work is done, that is!)


music stream is UK and Ireland only, could cry ...


Sorry about that :( I didn't know! I will change the entry. There are some samples of the songs on YouTube if you look. Don't worry, the album is out very soon :)


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