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Leaves' Eyes - Njord Special Edition

This arrived in the post yesterday! Just thought I'd post a few pics - definitely worth buying if you're a Leaves' Eyes fan. 'Njord' is my favourite album by the band, but I previously only owned a digital copy. The artwork is amazing on these albums - check out the artist at http://heile.deviantart.com/.

Tracklisting for 'Njord':

1. Njord
2. My Destiny
3. Emerald Island
4. Take the Devil In Me
5. Scarborough Fair
6. Through Our Veins
7. Irish Rain
8. Northbound
9. Ragnarok
10. Morgenland
11. The Holy Bond
12. Fr√łya's Theme
13. Landscape of the Dead (bonus)
14. Les Champs de Lavande (bonus)

Tracklisting for 'At Heaven's End':

1. At Heaven’s End
2. Angus and the Swan
3. Irish Rain (Acoustic version feat. Carmen Elise Espenaes from Midnattsol)
4. The Battle of Maldon
5. Scarborough Fair (Acoustic version)
6. Nine Wave Maidens
7. My Destiny (Remix)


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