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So, the winner of the 'Best Epica Album' poll was...

Design Your Universe!
Well I have to agree with you guys on that one, as it's my personal favourite too. Epica are currently working on a new album - Mark and Simone have been trying out some lyrics this week. The band have said that they have 15 'shells' of songs so far.

Other News

DRACONIAN - I reviewed the doom metallers' awesome new album, A Rose for the Apocalypse, over at Chalice of Femme Metal.

KAMELOT - You have probably all heard the very sad news that Roy Khan decided to leave Kamelot. You can read the statement here. Guest singers including Fabio Lione and Simone Simons will join the band on tour.

NIGHTWISH - The band have been announced for 70,000 Tons of Metal Festival (US). I am dying of jealousy...

TRISTANIA - Tristania are touring Europe with the Out of the Dark Tour. They will be supported by REVAMP, VAN CANTO, XANDRIA and AMBERIAN DAWN. See you in London!

TARJA - The queen of metal announced in a recent blog that she has been songwriting, and that her next album may possibly be ready by Autumn 2011.


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