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New Xandria Song Sample and Poll Results

New Xandria Song Sample

Ex-Xandria singer (and wife of bassist Nils) Lisa Middelhauve posted this clip on her Facebook yesterday:

People who've seen Xandria live recently may recognise it. The album's new direction has quite an Old Nightwish/Pythia sound if you ask me. Manuela Kraller is the new lead vocalist, replacing Kerstin Bischof who left the band after only a year.

Poll Results

So, how did you guys rate Imaginaerum, the new album by Nightwish?

 1/5 - 0 people
2/5 - 0 people
3/5 - 1 person
4/5 - 1 person
5/5 - 7 people
Too epic for mere ratings - 4 people

Looks like most of you are big fans! A new poll will be up soon.


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