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Epica's Retrospect to be Released on DVD

(Photo from Epica's official Facebook)

Epica's 10th Anniversary concert, Retrospect, was watched last night by many fans around the world. The concert featured guest appearances from Floor Jansen and three previous members of the band (pictured) as well as the full orchestra and choir. The three hour setlist was as follows:

Basic Instinct (Intro)
Monopoly on Truth 
(Orchestral Intro from "This … more)
Martyr of the Free Word 
Chasing the Dragon 
Presto (Antonio Vivaldi cover)
Never Enough 
Stabat Mater Dolorosa  (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi cover) (with Floor Jansen)
Twin Flames 
Serenade of Self-Destruction 
Feint / Fools of Damnation / Mother of Light / Kingdom of Heaven / Run For a Fall / Deep Water Horizon (Orchestral Medley)
The Divine Conspiracy 
Blank Infinity 
The Obsessive Devotion 
Battle of the Heroes / The Imperial March (John Williams cover) (Star Wars Medley)
Quietus (With Yves Huts, Jeroen Simons and Ad Sluijter)
The Phantom Agony 

Cry for the Moon (Extended Drum Outro)
Sancta Terra (with Floor Jansen)
Design Your Universe 

Encore 2:
Storm the Sorrow 
Consign to Oblivion 

During the show, Coen took to the microphone to announce that the concert would be released on DVD as the whole thing was already filmed for the stream, however there is no date set for the release as yet.


Wish they would hurry up. My ex g/f couldn't see a thing stood at the back so needs to view it on DVD :-)


Haha! Yes, that was perhaps the only advantage of watching it on the stream over actually going to the concert.


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