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Delain - The Human Contradiction Unboxing

I received my copy of Delain's The Human Contradiction from Napalm Records today, so let's take a look inside! 

This is the Limited Box Set edition.  The box is made of quite sturdy card and was well-protected in the packet with lots of bubble wrap. It comes wrapped in plastic.

The top of the box opens up and inside you get a poster flag, a necklace and the CD itself.

The flag is large and very nicely printed! There are no hooks though so you'll need to make holes or use clips to hang it.

The necklace features the band's logo on a cord.

This box set comes with the 2-disc digibook version of the album. Disc 2 includes two bonus tracks (Scarlet and Don't Let Go), five live recordings from the My Masquerade concert (My Masquerade, April Rain, Go Away, Sever and Stay Forever) and two orchestral tracks (Sing to Me and Your Body is a Battleground).

The packaging is nice, all tying in with the theme of the album. Das Buro was responsible for the design.

The booklet contains the lyrics for all the songs on Disc 1 plus some great band pictures from Sandra Ludewig. The font is small but easy to read.

And that's all, folks! Now to go and listen to the album again...


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