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Review: Xandria - Sacrificium

The blog is now back after a one week break! In case you missed it, this week's review from me is Sacrificium by Xandria. Check it out over at Muses of Metal:

The album is out now from Napalm Records. You can see the video for first single Nightfall here and the Dreamkeeper lyric video and album buying guide here.

An unboxing of Sacrificium and Epica's latest The Quantum Enigma (plus review) is coming soon, stay tuned. Those of you who are attending Dames of Darkness (UK) this weekend - I hope you enjoy seeing Xandria along with Stream of Passion and all the other great bands. Keep an eye out for the rest of the Muses of Metal team, Tayla and Dave, and be sure to attend the after party where Tayla will be DJing.


I saw Xandria live at the Underworld last night and I have to say, Dianne's voice is much, MUCH stronger live than it is on the album. I think her voice is layered pretty quiet over the music on the LP. Her voice soared last night and she never hit a bum note, and she handled Neverworld's End songs with ease. Ack. She was amazing! They were all amazing. It was such a great gig :D x


That sounds great! I'm really looking forward to seeing them at MFVF.


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