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Muses of Metal Presents: November-7 & Apparition

As many of you know, as well as this blog I also write for Muses of Metal. Muses of Metal is dedicated to the promotion of women in metal and consists of lots of things - our main webzine with reviews, interviews and articles; a radio show; Facebook; Twitter; and a forum where fans can discuss bands.

And now, thanks to our founder Tayla, we're presenting our first concert. As part of their UK tour, November-7 from Switzerland will be joining us on Thursday 14th August at The Rigger in Newcastle-Under-Lyme. Supporting them are the UK's own Apparition. Tickets are a bargain at only £2 on the door!

Back in October last year I interviewed Annamaria Cozza (from November-7) and Grace Méridan (who has provided guest vocals for Apparition) at Metal Female Voices Fest. Unfortunately we didn't have a great camera, but they did give us some good answers...


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