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Your Favourite Male Symphonic Metal Vocalist...

The votes of the latest poll have been counted - this time we have a runaway winner. You guys picked Marco Hietala as your favourite male symphonic metal vocalist! 

Here's the full list in order of number of votes:

Marco Hietala - 40.43%
Roy Khan - 25.53%
Tommy Karevik - 17.02%
Tony Kakko - 8.51%
Fabio Lione - 2.13%
Georg Neuhauser - 2.13%
Mark Jansen - 2.13%
Morten Veland - 2.13%

Congrats Marco! Of course, there were a few who unfortunately didn't score any votes - Alex Krull, Henning Basse, Jari Mäenpää, Russell Allen and Sander Gommans all missed out.

Continuing the theme, the new poll is now up over in the sidebar. This time you can pick your favourite female vocalist. This should be a tough one!


I know this is a subjective question, but seriously? Marco is a good singer but saying he's better than Roy, Tommy or Fabio Lione is like saying that Nicky Minaj is better than Sarah Brightman. Maybe I'm wrong but I bet most of the ones who voted Marco have never really heard Kamelot or Serenity or Rhapsody...


Haha, I do get what you're saying. I love Marco as a person but I wouldn't really consider him the best based on vocals alone. For that I would go for Georg, Roy or Tommy - or Russell Allen, he's got such a strong voice and I'm surprised he didn't get any votes.


The best metal singers for me would be Tommy Karevik, Tony Kakko and Russell Allen without a second thought; not to mention Henning Basse, which is one of the most underrated male singers in the metal sphere and would deserve much more praise and success.
Marco has a beautiful voice but less technique and versatility than the others. I never really included him in my top singers.
Fabio is awesome as well but he often sounds the same.

As for grunts, I think they shouldn't have been included in the poll, it's a completely different thing. But if I had to choose, I would say Sander Gommans and Mathias Nygard are the best grunters ^^


Oh, I forgot Michael Mills (from Toehider), who is one of the main voices in Ayreon's "The Theory of Everything". That guy kicks some serious ass!


Lucinda - that is good point about harsh vocals being very different. I just figured that my list would be a bit short if I only included male vocalists who do clean vocals. Especially since the Beauty and the Beast technique is so popular in the genre. But if I need a poll idea in the future, we could always have a new vote for that!


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