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Serenity Announce Line-up Changes

Austrian symphonic power metallers Serenity have announced that changes to their line-up are in the works. 

Singer Clémentine Delauney (who joined the band in 2012) will no longer be a part of the group. In a statement released today, the band said that they have decided to return to their original only male-fronted roots, continuing with Georg Neuhauser as lead vocalist. Although they will still occasionally feature female vocals on record and on stage, they do not feel that there is sufficient need to have a permanent female role in the band. Clémentine will instead be focusing on recording a new record with Visions of Atlantis.

Lead guitarist Thomas Buchberger is also taking a step back in order to focus on his family and work. He will still have some involvement, but new addition Cris has been recruited for the current and upcoming live shows. Mario Hirzinger, one of the founding members, left in 2012, but still steps in occasionally on the keyboards. Franz-Josef, a friend of the band, will take up the rest of the keyboard duties.

Serenity concluded with reassurance that they are "more motivated than ever" and have already started working on fresh material.

Click here to read the band's full statement, here for Tom's statement and here for Clémentine's statement.


I think it's really insulting for her... I know, they pretend they want to go back to what Serenity used to be, but on the other hand, if they felt like Clementine was a really really good asset for the band, they never would have made such a decision. Why not keeping her as a guest in the first place? They made it clear they took the decision and that she was kind of fired of the band, and I think it's not very nice for her... Although I'm not a fan of either her or Serenity, I feel weird about their statement and choice. Luckily she has another band to hang on to! But first Whyzdom, then Serenity, now Visions Of Atlantis... Will she ever be in one band for good?


I do wonder what's gone on behind the scenes here!


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