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The Dames of Darkness Festival

This weekend sees the return of the Dames of Darkness Festival, the UK's biggest celebration of metal bands with female vocalists. Topping off the great line-up of both local and worldwide acts are Sirenia and Leaves' Eyes. It's a rare appearance from Sirenia in the UK and will be the first time they play songs from their new album The Seventh Life Path. There's also a possibility that Leaves' Eyes will be showcasing some new material from their upcoming record.

I will be attending the festival with my Muses of Metal partner Tayla Dickinson (who is also the host DJ for the fest) - so expect to see some pics, reviews and interviews! There is a full guide to the bands and the festival here.

Dames of Darkness takes place at the Robin 2 in Bilston, near Birmingham. The doors open at 2pm and tickets cost £45 for the weekend.

Tickets are available here.

Note: The band Incassum have sadly split up and will no longer be performing on the Sunday, instead Scarlett Riot and Winter In Eden will play longer sets.


I'm hoping for some videos of Sirenia live.
The new album is truly a masterpiece and Ailyn sounds amazing.. What do you think about it?


I'm finding it a bit of a slow burner - I loved Perils Of The Deep Blue straight away, but this one is taking a lot of time to grow on me. We're supposed to have an interview with Sirenia though, so I'll be interested to hear what Morten has to say about it!


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