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Your Favourite Within Temptation Album...

The Within Temptation poll results are in and the winner is... The Silent Force!

Here's the full list in order of percentage of votes:

The Silent Force - 36.67%
Mother Earth - 20%
The Unforgiving - 16.67%
The Heart of Everything - 13.33%
Enter - 6.67%
Hydra - 6.67%

Now it's time to look at the studio albums from another of our favourite bands, whose new record we'll be hearing next month... Cast your vote for the best Leaves' Eyes album over in the sidebar now!


Haha, if I had voted, I definitely wouldn't have gone for that one! For me it's their weakest album with The Heart Of Everything, even though both have some good qualities and songs (remove some tracks, make Sharon's voice more versatile and interesting and finally add much more metal to both albums, and you're good to go!).
Mother Earth is the best, followed by the emblematic Enter and the well-balanced The Unforgiving. I don't really know what to think of Hydra since I liked listening to some of its songs many times but find it less successful than the one before.


Ah, look out for the poll in the sidebar then - get those votes in!

In my personal chart, I'd put The Unforgiving and The Heart of Everything as my top WT albums. Both are very special to me. I'd follow that with Mother Earth, which has some epic songs, but a few that I skip - then The Silent Force, then Hydra. Enter is my least listened to album from them - it's lovely, but I think the gothic doom sound is much better coming from bands like Draconian and Swallow The Sun, whereas WT excel at the symphonic style.


I'm familiar with your polls, I just didn't know you had created one for WT ;) Maybe a good thing would be to put it at the top of the blog?

I listened to Enter a lot back then, but I agree with you, it's surely not the best doom album ever. But its innocence and very dark ambiance charmed me a lot when I first listened to it. They just nailed it. TSF is bombastic but when you think about it, very empty too. Anyway, we both agree on TU! ;)


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