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Your Favourite Endless Forms Most Beautiful Track...

The Nightwish Endless Forms Most Beautiful poll results are in and the winner is... The Greatest Show On Earth!

Here's the full list in order of percentage of votes:

The Greatest Show On Earth - 27.08%
Shudder Before The Beautiful - 20.83%
Alpenglow - 12.5%
Weak Fantasy - 12.5%
√Član - 8.33%
Yours Is An Empty Hope - 8.33%
Endless Forms Most Beautiful - 6.25%
Edema Ruh - 2.08%
The Eyes of Sharbat Gula - 2.08%

The epic 20 minute track is a deserving winner, and one that is sure to be a great spectacle if they play it at Wembley this weekend. A few songs didn't score any votes: Our Decades In The Sun, My Walden and Sagan.

Since we're nearly in 2016, the new poll is looking at our most anticipated albums. Head over to the sidebar to vote for the upcoming record you're most excited for!


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