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Top 10 Amaranthe Songs

Amaranthe are a melodic metal band from Sweden. They have three lead vocalists, Elize Ryd, Jake E. Lundberg, and Henrik Englund Wilhemsso, who sing in different styles. The band's music combines the intensity of power metal with death metal vocals, pop melodies and electronic elements. In today's blog, I'll be picking my top 10 favourite songs.

10. Hunger

The band's debut single, this track gave many fans their first taste of Amaranthe's infectious and divisive sound. Complete with a suitably outrageous video from their now-frequent collaborator Patric Ullaeus, Hunger grabbed the attention of the metal world - for better or for worse.

9. True

An uplifting song from the band's latest album Massive Addictive, True stands up as one of the band's best slower songs. With a positive message of chasing your dreams and desires, it's a great one to sing along to.

8. 1,000,000 Lightyears

Going back to the earlier days and the self-titled Amaranthe album, this track was one that really stood out to me at the time. It perfectly showcases the 3 different vocal styles used in the band, as well as giving the first taste of the band's sci-fi tinged lyrics.

7. Future on Hold

Another fantastically sci-fi track, this time from The Nexus. Right from the robotic "Initiating Shutdown Sequence" message at the beginning, the song promises to be great. The lyrics are dark and intense, telling the story of someone who is frozen and plugged into machines in order to "put the future on hold".

6.  Invincible

Invincible is the third single from The Nexus. A brilliantly energetic track, this one is perfect for motivating yourself to do pretty much any task. And if you need a laugh, check out the video in which the band are apparently all aliens with super flying powers (or just try singing the lyrics as "Can't you see who I am - I'm invisible").

5. Amaranthine

This ballad is a little sickly sweet at first - but once the drums kick in it begins to sound a little more like an Amaranthe song. It's an earworm, and a great love song for couples. Taken from the debut album, it showed a different side to the band.

4. Drop Dead Cynical

A fighting song, as the video would suggest. With a heavy marching beat and a catchy, radio-friendly chorus, this lead single from Massive Addictive is a real storming number. The dubstep-style breakdown in the middle is great fun, too.

3. Electroheart

This song basically sounds like someone put dance music and metal in a blender and then poured in a bit too much Abba. And weirdly, it's excellent. It's original, danceable and easily one of the band's most enjoyable tracks.

2. Mechanical Illusion

Another track from The Nexus that uses electronic elements and brilliantly plays with the sci-fi theme. This showcases that Amaranthe can do just as well when they take things a little darker as they do with their upbeat and pop-y music. It's almost a sister track to the one I've picked as my number one...

1. Digital World

I think this track is really the best of all of Amaranthe's worlds: it's edgy and futuristic, it's heavy, and it's fun as hell. It's a great song to introduce people to the band and show off everything they can do -whether its the vocals, the music, the lyrics. This incredible song could easily be the soundtrack to a movie about a dystopian digital future. A stunning effort from this unique band.

So now my countdown is done - what are your favourite Amaranthe songs? Let me know in the comments.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank all the readers of this blog. Last month we had record pageviews, and the pageview total crossed 150 thousand. Thank you so much for reading and sharing!


Great list! If I was making one I'd switch out Future on Hold, Invincible, and Electroheart for Massive Addictive, Dynamite, and The Nexus.


Those very nearly made my list! If I had a Top 15, they'd be on there for sure.


Can't believe 'The Nexus' doesn't appear on this list! Easily their best track. Also 'Afterlife' and 'Dynamite'.


Fantastic! You have a very good taste! My top 10:
1. The Nexus
2. Endlessly
3. Amaranthine
4. 1.000.000 Lightyears
5. Drop Dead Cynical
6. Burn with Me
7. Digital World
8. Boomerang
9. True
10. Afterlife



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