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Unboxing: Nightwish Limited Edition My Walden Green Vinyl

It's been a while since I've ordered something worth of an unboxing, so I was looking forward to receiving this very limited edition vinyl of Nightwish's My Walden. Created specially for Record Store Day, they are also available to purchase in small quantities from the band's official webshop at Mad Supply (they were sold out, but a small amount of re-stocks will be in soon) for €20. Since I don't have a local record store, I ordered from the webshop.

It was my first time ordering vinyl from Mad Supply, and I was pleased to see they have some nice packaging (which withstood being chucked around by the parcel delivery guy, who I had to chase this morning when he tried to take this away for the second time...) Inside the outer plastic case is another one made of cardboard to protect the vinyl. Inside that came the receipt, a few flyers and a sticker.

The vinyl sleeve itself is really beautiful, with stunning artwork by ToxicAngel as usual - it would look great on display in a frame, which is probably where this one will end up. It's wrapped in clear plastic with a Nuclear Blast sticker denoting whether you have the gold vinyl or the green (green in my case).

The lovely artwork continues on the back cover with the tracklisting - My Walden and the live versions of Ghost River and Ghost Love Score taken from Showtime, Storytime. There's nothing new there, but it's nice for me to have those tracks on vinyl, and they're all personal favourites.

A paper sleeve inside holds the vinyl and has a small plastic window so you can see the centre of the disc. The green vinyl has a lovely deep colour - the choices of green and gold seem to go nicely with the artwork and the themes of the song. Side A plays My Walden and Ghost River, while Side B plays Ghost Love Score.

This product is a great special collector's edition for Nightwish fans - I can't wait to listen and put it on display!


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