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Eluveitie Parts Ways With Anna, Merlin and Ivo

More sad news from the music world as three members of Eluveitie have announced that they will be leaving the band. A "grave personal conflict" has led to vocalist and hurdy-gurdy player Anna Murphy, drummer Merlin Sutter and guitarist Ivo Henzi splitting with the group.

The band's statement explained:

"It was a terribly hard decision to make and it hasn't been done carelessly, but with tears and a heavy heart.

"We know that this is tough to handle — for everybody. And we know it sucks badly that things developed this way. Above the fact that this is hard to handle for us personally and emotionally, we are painfully aware of how much it also must disappoint you, our fans... which makes it even harder.

"We do not part from each others in hatred though.

"From our hearts we wish Merlin, Anna and Ivo only the very best for their future ways and also all the best of luck and success for all their further musical projects. For we're sure their musical journey will go on and it will be great. And maybe our ways will even cross again in future, in a different way."

Despite this amicable message, the departing members stated that they were "faced with an impossible situation, and left with no choice but to announce our departure." On Anna Murphy's personal Facebook page she also commented:

"For 10 years, Eluveitie has been at the very centre of my life. I did not want to leave, but was left with no other choice.

"The particulars of what happened should remain internal, and I ask you to understand and respect this wish. I can say, however, that grave personal conflict lies at the heart of it. In my view, these conflicts could have only been resolved by taking a break altogether. My corresponding proposal was declined."

You can read the full statements from the band and the departing members here. They will still play the next few shows together, with the final concert with the current line-up being at FortaRock festival in the Netherlands.


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