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Epica Reveal New Album Details

Epica have revealed that their upcoming album will be titled The Holographic Principle and is due to be released on the 30th September 2016.

The album has already been previewed by music journalists and is now heading for final mixing and mastering. In a recent interview, lead singer Simone Simons commented: 

"We are, in heart, a metal band going in the symphonic direction. The orchestration, the choir is a little bit like the seventh and eighth bandmember of EPICA, and that's something we'll always keep in there. And the choir parts are often very catchy, the choruses are very catchy. But on this record, besides having catchy melodies, we also wanted to have really groovy vocal lines. And that's something that we worked on as well; we changed up some things to make it less predictable."

The album follows the band's ambitious 2014 record The Quantum Enigma and will be released via Nuclear Blast. Check out the interview with Simone in the player below.

Edit: the previous version of this article gave the release date as 1st October - the band have now officially announced the date as 30th September.


Well, I totally love the title and album art. It sounds like this is going to be really impressive!


It's very cool, I'm excited!


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