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Liv Kristine To Join Eluveitie On Stage

After Liv Kristine's recent departure from Leaves' Eyes and several members of  folk metal act Eluveitie (including female vocalist Anna Murphy) quitting, a team-up between the two has been the subject of much joking and wishful thinking amongst fans. To pretty much everyone's surprise, it's actually going to happen. Liv will join Eluveitie on stage for a few select shows to perform hits such as A Rose For Epona with the band.

In the official announcement on Facebook, they added:

"We're super happy to have Liv with us for a handful of shows! It's an honour and also another great sign of how the metal scene stands together and musicians help out musicians!"

The first appearance of Liv with the band will be at Masters of Rock in the Czech Republic on July 16th, with more shows to be announced soon.


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