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Metal Female Voices Fest Going On Hold For The Foreseeable Future

Belgium's Metal Female Voices Fest, which became the first major festival to only host metal bands with female singers, has announced that they are closing their doors for the foreseeable future. The festival celebrated its 13th edition in 2016, but unfortunately numerous factors (including money matters and a difficulty securing varied headliners) have led to the organisers deciding to put it on hold. They stated that the event is not off the cards forever, and may return if things improve and if they come up with any new/interesting ideas for how to run it.

MFVF saw many unique highlights in the symphonic metal world, including Tarja's peace-making duet with Floor Jansen, Leaves' Eyes' 10th Anniversary show and many special performances from various singers such as the Eve's Apple collective (pictured above). 

On a personal note, I had wonderful memories of MFVF - it was one of my dreams to go there, and in the end I managed it shortly after having major surgery, and it really was a huge positive in my life. It was the first festival I was given a press pass to report on. I couldn't believe I had the chance to meet and even interview some of my favourite bands. The festival had a truly amazing, unique atmosphere, and was the best place for me to experience a full weekend packed with music I loved. I hope we will see its return one day.

You can read the full statement from MFVF here.


What do you mean by peace-duet between Tarja and Floor? I wasn't aware there was a feud! GOSSIP.


Ha no, there was no feud between them, it was done to show that they were friends despite Floor joining Nightwish, and to stop people arguing over who was better. So peace-making for the fans, not for them.


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