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Videos: Epica Live And Seven Kingdoms

Epica have released a new live video, this time for the song Dancing in the Hurricane. The video features a great performance (and live audio, unlike the band's "aftermovies") of the song live at The ZĂ©nith in Paris.

Check it out in the player below.

And you're in for a treat today, because there's another great new video to watch!

Seven Kingdoms, the Game of Thrones inspired power metal band, have released a new single from their upcoming 10th anniversary album Decennium. The single is called Kingslayer, and those who are familiar with the books/show will recognise it as the story of how Jaime Lannister earned his nickname.

Check this one out in the player below.


Oooh - I love "Dancing in a Hurricane" and they perform it so well here. I'm so pumped to see them with Lacuna Coil in September! :D


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