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Dianne van Giersbergen Leaves Xandria

Although this news will not come as a surprise to many, Dianne van Giersbergen has announced today that she is leaving Xandria.

The band's fifth vocalist made a statement about the split on her Facebook page this evening. She cites "financial threats and emotional extortion" from the management and other band members as the reason behind the clinical stress that has prevented her from performing in recent months. She also accuses the band of not being transparent about the situation in their statement from yesterday, where they announced that singer Aeva Maurelle would be joining them for the time being (a fact that was seemingly unknown to Dianne).She also accuses them of removing her from all of their social media pages, amongst other transgressions.

Dianne will be continuing with her other band Ex Libris, as well as her jewellery making business. You can read the full statement here.


Freaking sad news :´( She was perfect for the band! Both Manuela and Lisa have made statements about her departure as well, and the first one says that she left Xandria for the same reason :/
On the other hand I'm curious about how will Aeva sound with Xandria, she has a very pretty voice and I think it would fit the Lisa-era material. If you haven't yet, check her band Aeverium, they're awesome ;)


Yeah, I just saw the band's statement today as well but it didn't really give anything away...

I haven't heard them, will have to look into it!


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