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Symphonic Metal News Roundup

What's been going on in the world of Symphonic Metal?

Amberian Dawn
Have suffered from recent lineup changes but have released a new album called 'End of Eden'.

Beto Vásquez Infinity
The Argentinian band have just released their new album, 'Existence'.

Cradle of Filth
Have just released an album titled 'Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa', telling the story of the Biblical demon Lilith.

Are working on a new album which they hope to release early next year.

Dimmu Borgir
The black metal band's new album 'Abrahadabra' features a full orchestra and choir, totalling over 100 musicians.

- Have just finished touring Europe and are about to tour the USA. [There is still no sign of a UK show/tour, which is very frustrating for many UK fans!]
- Have just released a single called 'This is the Time' in aid of the charity WWF.

- Have just released their 9th album, 'Poetry for the Poisoned'.
- Unfortunately their tour has had to be postponed due to singer Roy Khan falling seriously ill. Get well soon, Roy!

Leaves' Eyes
- The band's USA tour was badly affected by Kamelot's date cancellations.
- Their next album is rumoured to be in production, hopefully for a release around May next year.

The Norwegian symphonic/folk band are set to release a new album soon, apparently called 'The Metamorphosis Melody'.

- Are currently in the process of recording their next album(!). As of today (11/11) Jukka has recorded all of his drum parts for the album and Emppu is working on the guitars. Anette has said she will record her vocals in March next year.
- Speaking of Anette, she has recently given birth to a baby boy - his name is Nemo! She has also confirmed that she is back to working on her solo album side project.

- Have been on tour with Epica and also played at this year's Metal Female Voices Fest.

Are recording their 5th album. It should be released in 2011, and Morten Veland confirmed that the title will be 'The Enigma of Life'.

Sonata Arctica
Are embarking on a European tour in 2011 - including UK dates! :-)

Symphony X
Are recording a new album due in 2011. Looks like 2011 will be a great year for new music!

- Has been on a European tour as well as playing with Alice Cooper. She is now set to do a Christmas tour of Finland.
- Next Thursday, Tarja will hold a signing in Lyon, France.

- Have been confirmed for Bloodstock Open Air festival in the UK.
- It is rumoured that they will release a DVD of their 20th anniversary tour.

- Have been touring Europe and will play a show in Tel Aviv, Israel in January 2011.
- Have developed their own fan app for the iPhone.

Visions of Atlantis
The band have lost several lead singers over the years - their current lead singer is Maxi Nil from Greece. They have just finished mixing a new album.

The Finnish extreme metal band have been struggling to complete their album (currently titled 'Time') since 2006. There have been many contributing factors, and latest reports suggest that the band have abandoned any touring in order to get it finished.

Within Temptation
- Have recorded a new album. It is a concept album - it looks like the concept is slowly being revealed through teasers on the band's website. The album should be out in March 2011.
- Are set to tour Europe in 2011, around the time of their new album release.

Have just found a new singer. They will be working on a new album together and are playing a show with an orchestra in 2011.

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Thanks for the update :). I´m very optimistic about new Visions Of Atlantis album. Obviously I can´t wait to listen to the new Nightwish, Within Temptation and Delain material... Next year is gonna blow us away :D.

By the way, you should consider checking Ancestral Romance (Dark Moor´s upcoming album)... I promise u will like it :).

I´ll have to do some research on Beto Vásquez Infinity... that´s new stuff for me XD. And, guess what, Epica is coming to Mexico again next year... hope they decide to hang around UK soon :(.


Cool, I have to try and remember to listen to all these!
As for Beto Vázquez Infinity, I don't know that much about them but they have had guest appearances from Tarja, Liv Kristine and Sabine from Edenbridge. :)
Wow I hope you get to see Epica... I want to see them so badly!


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