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New Albums - Excitement!

The Enigma Of Life - January 4th 2011

Sirenia's new album 'The Enigma of Life" is first up in 2011. As usual, Morten Veland has taken on the task of playing all the instruments - with the lovely Ailyn on vocals. The album will be longer than usual and seems to feature some Spanish bonus tracks (Ailyn's native language).

The first single from the album will be 'The End Of It All'. This is pretty typical Sirenia but I find it very enjoyable regardless. Plus Ailyn is looking pretty hot in the video. ;)

You can listen to this song (and a ballad titled 'Fallen Angel') for free on Sirenia's MySpace.

UK fans: this album is available for pre-order on Amazon. At the moment it comes as either a normal edition or a digipack edition (see below).

The Unforgiving - March 28th 2011

Within Temptation's next offering will be a concept album based on a comic book series (in a similar vein to Coheed & Cambria). Although WT have had to delay tour dates due to Sharon's pregnancy, the album will still be release on time.

The comic tells the story of a feisty red-haired Irish girl named Sinead. You can view the opening pages of the comic here.

There has been a lot of drama amongst fans as to whether or not WT have 'sold out' or 'changed too much' or whatever. Personally I don't think this judgement can be made until I've heard the album, and I happen to think the concept is a pretty neat idea (although already done by Coheed, as I mentioned :P).

So here is the first song that has been revealed from the album. Titled 'Where Is The Edge', the preview video weirdly features extracts from a random Dutch movie. As a YouTube commenter pointed out, you can skip to 0:54 if you just want to hear the song.

I think the song is pretty good. It seems quite similar to the style of 'The Silent Force' and 'The Heart of Everything'. However, Sharon has pointed out in an interview that it is only a preview and will NOT be the first single. She also said that fans should not judge the whole album by the song.

Again this album is available for pre-order on Amazon UK. It seems to available as either a normal edition (link1 below) or Special Edition (link 2 below). Presumably this Special Edition will feature the names of fans who took part in sharing the video on Facebook - though it has not yet been specifically stated.

Also releasing new albums in 2011...

Untitled album - release date of January/February

Very little information about Delain's latest offering has been revealed, despite the upcoming release date. However, it will definitely be out quite soon, as confirmed by both the record company and by Charlotte on Twitter.

The band are beginning their tour in April, which suggests that the album is likely to be out before then.

I am very much looking forward to this new album. Delain have had some excellent guest appearances in the past (Sharon Den Adel and Liv Kristine on 'Lucidity', Marco Hietala on both albums). I wonder if we'll be seeing any more of these famous faces...

Untitled album - rumoured release date of September 2011

The latest news on the new Nightwish album came from Marco this week. He said that he has finished recording most of the bass parts. Presumably, that means that what they have left to record is guitar solos/acoustic from Emppu, vocals from Anette and Marco, and the choir and orchestra parts. Anette estimated on her blog that the vocals would be finished by March.

It seems likely that Nightwish will once again work with the London Philarmonic Orchestra and Metro Voices Choir (who both featured on Once and Dark Passion Play), although this has not been confirmed. It is also a possibility that the Nightwish's cover of 'The Heart Asks Pleasure First' (from the film The Piano) will make an appearance, as the band have finally obtained permission from its composer Michael Nyman.

Tuomas has implied that there will be a big 'twist' of some sort on the album. Let me guess: Anette and
Tarja will duet, Marco will start rapping on songs and Tuomas will start styling himself on Edward Scissorhands instead of Jack Sparrow. Maybe.

I am beyond excited about this album. :D

What else is on offer?

It is likely that in 2011 we will see new albums from:

Evanescence, In Flames, Lacuna Coil, Opeth, Symphony X, Visions of Atlantis, Xandria

All images/songs etc. belong to the respective bands. :) This blog is my own opinion!


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