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Happy Holidays & New Banners

I hope you enjoy your Christmas/Hanukkah/Yule/Midwinter Sacrifice or whatever you're celebrating! :D Best wishes!

Okay, so I made/collected some banners with the hope of posting them to the Symphonic-Metal group as affiliates. Unfortunately, it seems that without Super Group status I am unable to do this. And I can't afford the £38 to BUY us Super Group status. So! I thought I would post them up here.

The Hapfairy banner:

Feel free to post this wherever you wish, if you fancy doing some advertising for me! :P Please ask if you would like a bigger/smaller version.

And now for my favourite last.fm groups:

This is a lively group and a great place to chat about the best in female-fronted metal! This lovely banner was made by group leader hclairvoyant.

This group is lacking in direction a bit, but good nonetheless. :)

Not to mention, my beloved #Symphonic-Metal on DA... :P

These sexy stamps created by our leader, The Avel Fairy.


Ok, I'm off to write a DA journal on the best of the SM club. I will link you when I'm done. :)


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