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New Albums Part 2

Okay, so last time I told you about the upcoming albums from Sirenia, Within Temptation, Delain and Nightwish. Here's some breaking news about what else is coming our way...

Meredead - April 2011

Big news from the Leaves' Eyes camp, as the band have just announced the release of their fourth studio album. 

Singer Liv Kristine left her former band Theatre of Tragedy due to good old-fashioned 'musical differences' in 2003. Liv then borrowed the entire line-up of her husband's band (Atrocity) to form Leaves' Eyes - just don't ask about the apostrophe.

Leaves's Eyes are well known for their Norse/Viking themes, and it looks like these will continue. On the official site, Liv says that she has written the songs using both Old English and Old Norwegian alongside modern English, and that many will contain "traditional themes from Viking Literature and Norwegian song". In fact, she admits to making up the word used as the album title, claiming it could mean either "dead in the sea" or "the killing sea".

Liv also explains that the album will feature strong fantasy themes, and that you can expect a full cast of Vikings, trolls, witches and princesses.

The new cover art is looking pretty awesome, and (interestingly) is the first Leaves' Eyes album to not feature Liv on the cover.

The band will be appearing at the ninth Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium this October.


This one is a bit of a mystery. The rumours flying about the internet would suggest that the next Epica offering is going to show up sometime in 2012. However, in the latest issue of Metal Hammer, they suggest that we could see it before the end of 2011. Let's just hope that they manage to get it out before the world ends...

What is certain is that the band don't finish touring until March, so any work on the album is unlikely to begin until then. And let's face it, however long it takes, it will be worth the wait.

TBA - Rumoured to be released May 2011

Prog-tastic US metallers Symphony X reported that they were busy working on a follow-up album to 2007's Paradise Lost in March last year. It will be the band's eighth studio album, since their humble beginnings in 1994. 

There is no word yet as to whether it will be a concept album, like Paradise Lost (based on Milton's epic poem) or 2002's The Odyssey. 

The album is rumoured for a May release, although the band are going on a big tour of Europe and North America that begins in February - so it is also possible that the album may be released before the tour.

Elysium - Out now!

The Finnish power metal giants have just released their thirteenth album. Formed in 1984, the band suffered a catastrophic blow when guitarist and lead songwriter Timo Tolkki left the band in 2008. In fact, he announced the break-up of the band, but they countered his statement and vowed to carry on.

Elysium is their second album without Tolkii, and I have heard it's pretty awesome stuff. Look out for a review sometime soon.

What else is on offer?

In 2011 we will see new albums from:

Edguy, Eluveitie, Hammerfall, Korpiklaani

And live DVDs from:

Avantasia & Sonata Arctica


All the album cover art pictures belong to the respective bands and record labels, and are only used here for illustration purposes.


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