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Nightwish "Showtime, Storytime" Trailers and Where to Buy

Nightwish have released the third trailer for their live show and documentary DVD, Showtime, Storytime. This trailer focuses on the documentary portion. You can watch it here. It demonstrates that the documentary will focus on what happened after Floor Jansen joined the band, given Anette Olzon's request to not appear in any footage.

The previous two trailers include a showcase of the live Wacken show and Tuomas discussing Floor and Troy joining the band. There is also an official video for Storytime available, the audio of which can be bought as a digital single from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

There are numerous editions of Showtime, Storytime available including:

Nightwish Official Webshop - DVD, DVD + CD, Blu-Ray + CD, CD, CD digipack, LP

Special editions: Men's t-shirt bundle with DVD or Blu-Ray, Women's t-shirt bundle with DVD or Blu-Ray

EMP - DVD + CD, Blu-Ray + CD, CD, LP

Special editions: Flag bundle with DVD, Blu-Ray or CD

Nuclear Blast - DVD + CD, Blu-Ray + CD, CD digipack, black LP

Special editions: Mail-order edition with DVD or Blu-Ray -special packaging including 12 art cards, a replica tour pass, Wacken setlist and certificate. Dark blue vinyl LP edition.

You can also buy various editions from other online stores such as Amazon.


Edit: Nightwish have since added this guide to their site explaining the different versions available:


It doesn't include all of those listed above but it does include the special Nuclear Blast USA bundles.


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