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Your Favourite Epica Album...

You guys voted for your favourite Epica album this month, and the results are in! It was more of a close call this time, but the winner was Design Your Universe with 29% of the vote.

Here's the full list in order of votes:

Design Your Universe - 29%
The Divine Conspiracy - 20%
The Quantum Enigma - 17%
Requiem for the Indifferent - 14%
The Phantom Agony - 11%
Consign to Oblivion - 6%
The Classical Conspiracy - 3%

Since Nightwish have begun work on the demos for their next album (coming early 2015), it's a great time to celebrate with a new poll. What will you pick as your favourite Nightwish album? We're going all out this time so you can not only vote for their main studio albums, but also live albums, the Over The Hills EP and The Score. You'll find the poll in the sidebar over on the right. Get voting!


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