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Your Favourite Nightwish Album...

Results are in and the winner is... Once! The classic album scored a win with just over 30% of the vote. Thank you to everyone who picked a favourite - and there were a lot of you!

Here's the full list in order of number of votes:

Once - 30.43%
Century Child - 15.33%
Imaginaerum - 15.33%
Dark Passion Play - 13.04%
Wishmaster - 10.87%
Oceanborn - 6.52%
Showtime, Storytime (Live) - 6.52%
Angels Fall First - 2.17%

And we had a few losers - nobody picked these records as their favourite: 

From Wishes to Eternity (Live)
Over The Hills and Far Away EP
End of an Era (Live)
Made in Hong Kong (Live)
The Score (Soundtrack)

A strong victory for Once, which was released in 2004 and recently had its 10th anniversary celebrated by the band with a special merchandise range. To celebrate this, the new poll will be asking you to pick your favourite track from Once, but with a twist: you can't pick Ghost Love Score! We all know GLS is a huge fan-favourite, so let's see what other songs people love from the album.


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