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Metal Women Gallery Wallpaper

I haven't done a wallpaper in a while, so here's a new one for you. Enjoy!

Floor Jansen photo - Sander Steins
Simone Simons photo - Marie GC
Cristina Scabbia photo - Tim Tronckoe
Tarja Turunen photo -Paul Harries
Sharon Den Adel photo - Jan Andraschko
Liv Kristine photo - Stefan Heileman
Charlotte Wessels photo - Sandra Ludewig
Alissa White-Gluz photo - Georgios Sousa
Frames - MGB-Stock
Haunted Halls print - magicalribbons
Floorboards - Tigers-stock

Usual things apply: click the picture or open the image in a new tab to get the full size, feel free to use and share but please credit me if you do!


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