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Upcoming Symphonic Metal Albums - End Of 2014/Early 2015

Back in January, this post highlighted symphonic metal (and similar genre) albums that were coming out over the year. Since then, we've enjoyed brilliant new records from bands like Delain, Epica, Lacuna Coil and Xandria. And now it's time for an update: new stuff has been announced, there's been postponements and cancellations, cover reveals and release dates.

As always, this is not strictly symphonic metal and I will include some related bands that might be of interest. These will be marked with a (+) symbol.

Upcoming in 2014

Amaranthe (+) - Massive Addictive - 21st October 2014

Dark Sarah - Behind The Black Veil - Late 2014/early 2015

Illuminata - Where Stories Unfold - 2014

Liv Kristine (+) - Vervain - 24th October 2014

Lyriel - Skin And Bones - 26th September 2014

Meden Agan - Lacrima Dei - 22nd September 2014

Pythia (+) - Shadows of a Broken Past - 8th December 2014

Whyzdom - Unknown Title - 2014

Wildpath - Disclosure - Autumn 2014


Anaria - Seasons of the Mind Vol 1, Carach Angren - Unknown Title, Celestial Ruin - Unknown Title, God of Atheists ft Vibeke Stene (+)- Unknown Title, Heavy Metal Ensemble of Lawrence University - Unknown Title,  Skeptical Minds (+) - Unknown Title/Run For Your Live (live album), Theatres Des Vampires (+)- Unknown Title


Imperia's next album delayed due to illness/personal troubles.
Luca Turilli's RhapsodyPrometheus - Symphonia Ignis Divinus - album release postponed, still working on arrangements.
Midnattsol's next album delayed for unknown reasons
Pythia's record was delayed after all members left (and possibly rejoined...) the band.
System Divide's Cult of Indifference remains unreleased as the band are on indefinite hiatus.
Wintersun's Time II release uncertain as Jari Mäenpää faces ongoing battles with recording and the band's record company..

Upcoming in 2015


Dimmu Borgir



Symphony X


I will update this list as more information becomes available. Please tweet me or comment below with any further suggestions for the list!


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