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Nightwish Collaborating With Richard Dawkins

Photos by Mikka Karmila

Nightwish have revealed that one of the special guests on their upcoming album is none other than famous outspoken atheist and biologist Richard Dawkins. The band are self-confessed fans of his work and have often worn t-shirts with his name on the past. Tuomas Holopainen has a expressed a liking for the book The Magic of Reality - Dawkins's YA book that details humanity's mythical explanations for life and natural phenomena before explaining the science behind them. 

Nightwish fans have been debating whether Dawkins would be the one to collaborate with them after Tuomas said in an interview that the guest was not a musician, and was someone who he was very surprised to hear had actually heard of the band.

The photos above are from the recording session in Oxford. It is likely that the professor will be doing spoken word on the album - perhaps reading from some of his work.


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