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Video: Epica - Victims of Contingency

Epica are back with a new addition to their catalogue of  - how shall we put it - somewhat unusual music videos. This one, for epic track Victims of Contigency from latest album The Quantum Enigma is no exception. The hunter becomes the hunted, Mark gets locked in a cage and Simone stares creepily at the camera a lot. Check it out below...


Haha, liked your description of the video! Simone DOES look creepy, she always does in videoclips... Anyway, they never manage to keep it simple. No matter how unoriginal the scenery and story are, they still are successful in doing something weird and somewhat naive... Just be in a place, perform your asses off and be yourself, for Christ's sake X)


Oh wow, that's quite a bit of staring. Some really bizarre arm-movement at 0:52 too. I'm not crazy about it, but oh well. Good song anyway.


Heheh! I always think their videos are pretty weird. Storm the Sorrow is probably my favourite since it has some cool imagery. But yeah, at least the song is good!


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