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UK Festival News - Dames of Darkness & Northern Symphony

Great news for UK symphonic and female fronted metal fans as the Dames of Darkness festival has announced a top line-up for its fifth edition as it branches out into a two day event. For British fans who are pining for MFVF as it takes a year off in 2015, this is the ideal alternative. It takes place in Bilston near Wolverhampton, at the Robin 2 venue, with tickets costing £45 for the weekend or £25 per day (£30 on the door). 14-17 year-olds are welcome but must be accompanied by an adult.

In addition to a host of new and upcoming bands, many from the UK, the festival has secured top acts Sirenia and Leaves' Eyes as headliners.

The full line-up is as follows:


Sirenia (Norway/Spain)
Whyzdom (France)
Weeping Silence (Malta)
Heliosaga (USA)
Rainover (Spain)
Apparition (UK)
Aoina (UK)
The Fall of Eve (UK)


Leaves' Eyes (Norway/Germany)
Enemy of Reality (Greece)
Winter in Eden (UK)
Skarlett Riot (UK)
Incassum (UK)
EnkElination (UK/Finland)
Insuna (UK)
Edenfall (UK)

Our very own Tayla Dickinson from Muses of Metal will also be returning as a host and DJ for the festival.


The good news doesn't end there as we've also seen further announcements for Northern Symphony festival, the UK's first fest dedicated entirely to symphonic metal. The two bands added are both British - Ravenage, a Viking themed band from Hull, and Control The Storm, the Bristolian band who have recently welcomed new singer Kate Norris. Both bands have appeared at Bloodstock in the past.

As a warm-up, they will also be playing a show on Friday 3rd April at The Londesborough in Bridlington. Early bird tickets to the main festival are available for just £8 until the 15th of November.


Blog update: As many of you may know, my reviews are posted to the Muses of Metal site. We are currently having some technical issues over there at the moment, so there will be a bit of a delay. Please bear with us and rest assured that my full Metal Female Voices Fest review is coming soon! I'm also planning to review the new Amaranthe album and Lacuna Coil's Halloween concert in Bristol.


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