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Video: Greek TV Advert Combines Nightwish With Game Of Thrones

We take a moment of our (usually) more serious service to bring you this amusing video. Greek TV channel SKAI TV apparently aired it as an advert for Game of Thrones. For some reason, they decided to use Nightwish's Dark Chest of Wonders for the music, and, well, let's say the video editing is pretty genius.

The clip was posted by Nightwish Forum member Dragonheart in this thread.


In Spain they use Within Temptation songs very often. The Truth Beneath The Rose is one of the main songs of Isabel, (a historical TV Show very famous here.) They have also used Neverending Story, The Howling and Mother Earth in The Tudors.

Congrats for your blog (and your new book) and regards from Spain :)


Thank you very much! I would love it if we had Within Temptation songs on UK television, haha. That would be awesome.


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