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What Is Countermove?

If you've been hanging around Facebook lately, you may have noticed a lot of teasers for a project called Countermove. This week the true meaning has been revealed through a short video posted on the official Facebook page.

The project is going to be a holiday charity single featuring many of the biggest performers in Dutch metal music. As part of radio station 3FM's "Serious Request" segment, the musicians joined together to perform a cover of The Power of Love by Frankie Goes To Hollywood (a song previously covered by Within Temptation on their QMusic Sessions record).

The aim is to raise money for the Red Cross, specifically to help victims of sexual abuse in conflict territories. It will be released on the 8th December - keep an eye on the Facebook page for how you can buy it.

The amazing line-up is as follows (listed with bands they are best known for):

Anneke Van Giersbergen - Solo, ex-The Gathering
Floor Jansen - Nightwish, ReVamp, ex- After Forever
Simone Simons - Epica
Arjen Lucassen - Ayreon
Ruud Jolie - Within Temptation
Charlotte Wessels - Delain
Marcela Bovio - Stream of Passion
Daniel de Jongh - Textures
Jochem Jonkman - Vanderbuyst
Mark Jansen - Epica, MaYaN
Manda Ophius - Nemesea
Valerio Recenti - My Propane
Dianne Van Giersbergen - Xandria, Ex Libris
George Ooesthoek - ex-Orphanage
Caroline Westendorp - The Charm The Fury
Epic Rock Choir - The Theatre Equation


Oh. My. God. This is going to be AMAZING. I will definitely be buying this when it comes out!


Anneke covered the song also on Pure Air album.


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