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Your favourite MFVF 12 Bands...

Results are in for the poll of your favourite MFVF 12 bands and things are looking a bit close! This time we had a three-way tie, and the winners are Therion, Xandria and Ancient Bards

If you want to see what I thought of those bands and all the rest, you can now read my full MFVF review over at Muses of Metal.

Here's the full list in order of number of votes:

Ancient Bards - 15.15% 
Therion - 15.15%
Xandria - 15.15%
Diabulus in Musica - 12.12%
Leaves' Eyes - 12.12%
Stream of Passion - 12.12%
Arkona - 6.06%
Sirenia - 3.03%
Skeptical Minds - 3.03%
The Sirens - 3.03%

Bands who unfortunately walked away with 0 votes were Draconian, Holy Moses, Jaded Star, Dark Sarah and Enemy of Reality. I'm particularly surprised to see Draconian down there - such a wonderful band and one of my highlights of the festival. We also had a mysterious vote for "other" from someone who left no comment, so that unfortunately could not be counted.

You know what this means - time for a new poll! If you check in the sidebar on the right, you will see that this time we're voting for our favourite male symphonic metal vocalist. If your favourite isn't on the list, vote "other" and leave a comment on the poll using the button below it.

Stay tuned for the results, as well as all the usual news - plus a review of the new Amaranthe album is coming soon.


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