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Floor Jansen Confirms ReVamp Hiatus

In a recent interview with Metal Blast, Floor Jansen has confirmed that her band ReVamp are currently on hiatus while she focuses on her work with Nightwish. In the words of the Flying Dutchwoman herself:

Metal Blast: Because of your commitments to Nightwish, do you feel that your work will ReVamp will be diminished?

Floor: It’s inevitable, and from the day I joined Nightwish it has affected ReVamp. I found it very difficult to do both things at the same time. 

When I joined Nightwish we were in the middle of the writing process, we had just planned to go to the studio, and we had to postpone the release. In between tours I was recording an album, promoting an album, and then when I started to tour with Nightwish I was also touring with ReVamp, which was just a lot. This is not something that I wish to do, if only because of my own sanity and health, and because I feel that both bands need 100% of your devotion and time, and doing both at the same time just isn't possible for me.

So now it’s full-on Nightwish time, and there’s no time for ReVamp. Once we’re done with this tour we’ll have to sit together and see where everybody is in their lives, and see if there’s a chance to continue. It would be great, but I can’t tell the future.

Metal Blast: So now ReVamp is on hiatus?

Floor: It is; it has to be.

Click here to read the full interview.


This part... "Once we’re done with this tour we’ll have to sit together and see where everybody is in their lives, and see if there’s a chance to continue."
-Do you think she means that she wants to see if there's a chance to continue ReVamp or Nightwish? Does she mean that she'll have to pick one band or the other, or does she just mean which one she'll focus on right after the Nightwish tours so that she can go back and forth between them?

Side note: I've been loving the Endless Forms Most Beautiful photos; Floor looks so pretty!


I'm pretty sure she means a chance to continue with ReVamp. I think after the Nightwish tour has finished she's going to see if the ReVamp guys want to get back together, so she could do ReVamp stuff during the times when Nightwish are on a break between albums. :)


Ohhh okay. That makes me feel better. :) I figured I might have been interpreting it wrongly. I love her with Nightwish so much... Of course I'd still love Nightwish no matter who sang the songs because Tuomas is a genius, but she's such a perfect fit. And I'm happy she's not letting the trolls and haters bother her.

Anyhow. Thanks for sharing the article!


No problem - and I agree!


It would be really silly of her to stop being the singer of NW for the sake of a small band like ReVamp. I was the first to feel a bit weird and unsure about the news of her joining NW permanently, as I've been such a big supporter of ReVamp since the very beginning. But we have to be realistic: she will never let go of a well-paid job that makes her travel the world much more than with RV and provide her with the liberty to live the way she wants, without being preoccupied about paying the rent, not to mention (of course) the great music and popularity of NW. RV can benefit this, but if one band has to be stopped, it won't be NW, not ever! In my opinion, Floor is the third, and will be the last singer of NW. You just have to open your eyes and see how incredibly happy and honoured she was to tour with them the first time without being guaranteed a permanent job there. Even if their friendship tends to alter after a few years (but I don't see that happening), she won't give it up, she's just too ambitious and of sound mind to do such a thing (Anette had not that kind of ambition, she made her feelings and family come first, which is very admirable, but that's just not how Floor sees things).
Of course, the best thing would be to have "ReVamp n°3" at some point in 2017 ;)


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